Virat Kohli Indian cricket team
Virat Kohli still finds going tough against the swinging ballMark Evans/Getty Images

Things can't be much better for Indian cricket right now. The Test team is on a rampage and has recorded six straight wins this season. The pace bowling attack is looking as good as it has ever done and the depth of talent seems to be beyond comprehension. New players are coming into the team and making a big mark.

If at this moment, someone were to say that India's captain Virat Kohli is under pressure, it may seem farcical. But, as odd as it sounds, it is actually true! Yes, Virat would be under pressure when he goes out to bat against Bangladesh at Eden Gardens, whenever that happens.

The reason is simple: the pink ball. Over the years, Kohli has gone from strength to strength. He has scored a ton of runs all over the world in all formats. He even managed to plunder more than 500 runs in a series in England last year despite the belief that he struggles against the moving ball.

But no serious follower of the game, certainly no expert, would go so far to say that Kohli no longer has issues with swinging deliveries. In England, the India captain succeeded because, in his own words, he 'put his ego away' and refused to take risks against James Anderson – his prime nemesis in the previous tour to that country.

Pink ball
The pink cricket ball tends to swing a lot moreTwitter/BCCI

While he may be less vulnerable now, the fact remains that when it comes to bowling at Virat Kohli, bowling a line in the channel is the best option and swing greatly enhances the possibility of dismissing the master batsman.

This is where the pink ball comes in. All over the world, the pink ball has shown the tendency to swing a lot more than the red ball. As a result, these matches have seen swing bowlers thriving and a more even contest between bat and ball.

Virat, when he comes out to bat, will surely be targeted by the Bangladeshi seamers through a 5th-wicket line and, if the ball swings, the India skipper will be tested severely. If he fails, it would be a huge embarrassment for Kohli. The reason being India's refusal to play day-night Tests in Australia.

The Indian cricket board and the team has not acceded to the request by Cricket Australia for a day-night Test match between the two teams. Now, if the captain of the Indian team fails under lights, against the pink ball, everyone would construe his team's reluctance to play such matches in Australia as the result of fear about their ability to counter the moving ball.

What makes the situation even more difficult for the 31-year old is his 2-ball duck in the first Test. So, Virat not only needs to get runs to keep his form going but also to remove any lingering doubts about his technique and motives for refusing to play day-night Tests in Australia.