Kiccha Sudeep's much-hyped movie Vikrant Rona has opened to fairly positive reviews from the critics and audience.

Vikrant Rona
Sudeep's Vikrant Rona.PR Handout

The movie, which also has Nirup Bhandari, Jacqueline Fernandez and others in the cast, is written and directed by Anup Bhandari of RangiTarang fame. The film has William David's cinematography, Ashik Kusugolli's editing and B Ajaneesh Loknath's music.

Vikrant Rona Story:
Almost half a century ago, a remote village in the middle of a tropical rainforest starts witnessing a series of unexplainable events which they attribute to the supernatural. This coincides with the arrival of an eccentric police officer, Vikrant Rona. A mysterious game unfolds where everyone in the village is a potential victim and everyone is a suspect.

Vikrant Rona Review
It is a good mystery investigation thriller which has Sudeep's swag backed by fantastic sequences. People have whole-heartedly appreciated the visuals of the flick.

Check out what the audience say about the movie?
Ramesh Bala: VikrantRona [3.25/5] : A good mystery investigation thriller..
@KicchaSudeep is fantastic in the title role.. His dialogues, swag and action sequences are Mass..
BGM is good.. A distinct color pattern and 3D..
Twists and turns keep u hooked
An unique cinematic experience

ROCKY: #VikrantRona A Must Watch Movie For All Generations! One Of The Carrier Best Movie Of Kichcha Sudeep Sir. Story Naration, Direction, Cinematography And Especially Kichcha Sir's Acting Everything Is In Top Notch. Sure Shot Blockbuster Is Loading

Manobala Vijayabalan: #VikrantRona: ⭐⭐⭐½
Performer @KicchaSudeep with his terrific screen presence shines in this spine chilling thriller from
@anupsbhandari. Good vfx and amazing production values were an eye feast in 3D. BGM elevated the crucial scenes. Climax scores big.

Chinmay L: #VikrantRona
Awesome Movie by
@KicchaSudeep. One of the best screenplays I've ever seen. Mystery keeps u in the edge of ur seats. Must watch thriller. Great attempt by the team. Congrats on the success ❤ Waiting for #BillaRangaBaasha

Shrishti Negi: #VikrantRona is a big treat for #KicchaSudeep (
@KicchaSudeep ) fans who have been waiting for the release of VR with bated breath. His action scenes are super solid, especially his entry! He elevates VR a notch higher with his larger-than-life persona.
@nirupbhandari was superb!

Riteish Deshmukh: Blockbuster Alert !! The experience of #VikrantRona in 3D is beyond spectacular. A bone chilling thriller. Gorgeously shot &directed Kudos to the man who carries the film with unprecedented swag & in deepest of deep baritone.
@KicchaSudeep I am so so proud of you my brother !!

Prem Kumar: Caution!! "Do Not Miss not even a single dialogue or scene in the movie"
Perfectly weaved story and.. i am not a critic but i am taking my family again to this masterpiece!
@KicchaSudeep @BhandariBrothas @nirupbhandari
and team i wish All the best!!

Genelia Deshmukh: Dearest ⁦
@KicchaSudeep We wish you and the entire alll the best for a film that we know you have put every bit of your sweat and love into.. Can't wait to party soon.. #VikrantRona
Go watch


Rajashekar|ರಾಜಶೇಖರ್: One of the best technically made Indian movie ever. Visuals, BGM,Art Work,Actors Performance everything is blend perfectly. One of the Best and complete role for our
@KicchaSudeep @nirupbhandari was a surprise package.
@neethaofficial Nice debut Crush❤️ #VikrantRona

Akash R Patil: #VikrantRona:- Content wise this was much needed for KFI. Thanks for choosing this subject
@KicchaSudeep anna.
Stunning visuals, kickass BGM, wonderful plot and great execution.
Abhinaya Chakravarthi steals the show, Nirup and Neetha were excellent.
Completely satisfied..

Rohittt__16: one watching #VikrantRona night show .uffff❤️‍ .. yen guru movie... #KicchaSudeep boss dh acting can't justify with words ..emotions .. suspence .. thrill.. action .... Ecttttt.. just mindh blowing ... Still my mind not able to come out off that world of vikrant rona