Days after Samantha Ruth Prabhu made the news of her suffering from myositis, Vikram Bhatt has also opened up about suffering from a similar disorder. Bhatt has revealed that he has been suffering from Fibromyalgia for the last 18 years. He has revealed that it is also a chronic disorder that includes severe muscle pain and weakness.

Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt

Vikram Bhatt opens up about the disorder

Bhatt has revealed that he suffers from intense pain on days and there's no cure for it. "I have been suffering for the past 18 years. In Samantha's case, Myositis leads to weakness of muscles, and in my case, Fibromyalgia leads to intense muscle pain. You process pain differently. What may not be painful for a normal person is very painful for me. There is no cure for either of the disorders, as it's your body attacking you," he told ETimes.

Vikram Bhatt, Shwetambari
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"There are days when you have flare-ups, and there are days when you are better. Only metaphysical things like meditation or good sleep can help. I have been lucky to have a good support system, but it's hard. It has been a tough journey that has taken a lot out of me but has also made me stronger. I want to reach out to Samantha and tell her that if I can make it, so can you. I am so glad she spoke up. Hiding takes as much strength as fighting the pain," he added.

Vikram Bhatt added that it took him almost four years to get it diagnosed. He added that many in the medical fraternity even call it a figment of one's imagination.