Popular TV anchor and actress Divyadarshini is having a great time in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. She has shared a few posts from her trip which have gone viral.

Divyadarshini/Divyadarshini Instagram

However, among the few, it is the snaps of her in swimsuit which have hogged all the attention. Not for just the hot looks of Divyadarshini, but the message that she had shared along with the photos that have won the hearts of the women.

Strong Message
Divyadarshini has written that the problem does not lie in the dress but in the way people see things. In short, her message to the patriarchal society is to not judge a woman based on her dress.

She posted, "It's not in the clothes , its in the mindset. Not a single man in Andaman made me feel unsafe or uncomfortable, while I was wearing sea friendly clothes,so it's in the mindset ❤️ON this WORLD TOURISM DAY ,

I wish every girl , women and transgenders can feel safe and free while travelling through their dreams .... And yes happy travelling to all the gentlemen as well ....Tourism industry is the most hit during this pandemic and the last to resume as well... so many lives thrive on it and I wish and pray that all of them, will find a way to come back stronger For any holiday ur TOUR PLANNERS are so important , one of the best is @gtholidays known for their years of experience, I'm so glad I chose you guys HAPPY WORLD TOURISM DAY. [sic]"

Like other celebrities, the Vijay TV anchor had come under attack from her followers on social media over her wearing the dress that exposed her skin.

The Tamil TV personality had also posted a video of her parasailing in the Andam. She posted the clip and captioned, "First time in Andaman waters ❤️romba bayanden for my knees but those boys took care of me so well... they love their job and it is to make our trip memorable ... superb planning @gtholidays, u guys were a rock post COVID Andaman tourism is slowly coming back to normalcy. [sic]"