Fans of TV host Dhivyadharshini have been requesting her to do live chat sessions on social media like other celebs. Now, she has revealed about suffering a knee injury and undergoing treatment for it.

Vijat TV's Dhivyadharshini aka Divyadarshini
Dhivyadharshini suffers Injury.Dhivyadharshini Instagram

Knee Injury
She has opened up about in on her Instagram. The popular Vijay TV anchor has said that she fractured her left knee soon after the lockdown was imposed by the centre and state governments across the country to prevent the spread of Covid-19 aka Coronavirus.

On her account, she wrote, "Ok so past few weeks been like this , right aftr lockdown this hapend, right when I thought I kinda fixed my right knee , my left foot went for a toss (fracture) was in lot of pain , tried to take my mind off n to keep up the spirit up I turned to writing , binge watching OTT , been random complimenting ppl in SM if I find something genuine ...

slowly gained my strength to post this , I know , ppl who love me are gona be mad at me I dint mention but dint wana double trouble u all Wil def fight this thru n get to u all sooonnnnnn ...I can use your LOVE ...
so basicaly u never know wat one is goin thru so alwys leave a kind note ❤️ Spl Thnks to my doctors spl mention to Dr Raneesh❤️n those 4 ppl who was physically there for me ..
Ps: to all of u who asked for live chats now u know y I said no n hope ul understand ... lots of love to all. [sic]"

Dhivya Darshini
Dhivyadharshini.Dhivyadharshini Instagram

Popular Name
 Dhivyadharshini is a popular name among Tamil cine-goers and television audience. She started her journey as a child artiste in Malayalam movie Shubhayathra in 1990. She turned TV host as a child anchor for Vijay TV's Ungal Theerpu. Thereafter, she worked in TV serails and in films in supporting roles.

Her Koffee with DD, celebrity chat show, has made her a household name.