A video of a small-time broiler chicken farmer in Kasargod in which he can be seen threatening to reveal list of his debtors has gone viral on the social media.

Harris, who was hoping against hope that his debtors will pay him for the broiler chicken that was purchased, is now happy as few of his debtors have paid him the money, thanks to the viral video.

Talking about the tough times he faced: Harris said: "I had to get around Rs 60,000 from people who bought chicken meat from me, failing which I would have to close down my shop. Despite my repeated reminders to them, none seemed to take it seriously."

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"My brother gave me an idea to publish the list of debtors and I put up a big board in front of my shop," he said.

The board states that the people who owe him money for the chicken meat purchased from him, should give it failing which he will mention their names. The board is now placed in front of his shop.

"Around three customers who owe me big money have by now paid and another three have promised me to pay at the earliest," said Harris, who flipped his diary which has a long list of his debtors, many who have purchased one chicken.