Cows in India
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At a time when India is witnessing a deep polarisation between Hindus and Muslims, Bollywood actor-producer and model Ajaz Khan stoked fuel in a video posted on Facebook. Condemning cow vigilantism and attacking the Muslim community, the 37-year-old actor openly challenged top BJP leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath saying why couldn't they take action against corporate bodies that use cow products. Khan also showed his Harley-Davidson belt which is made of cow skin and cost him Rs 8,000.

"The gaurakshaks are killing human beings but nobody is saying anything against it. I have an issue. Why can't Modiji, Yogiji and the gaurakshaks take action against Harley-Davidson for using cow-leather belt? You people can't do anything substantial. You are dividing the country but can you do anything against Harley Davidson which is selling cow leather belt, jacket?" asked Khan. He also said often he sees sick cows and asked the gaurakshaks to take care of them as well. He also said he is not afraid to tell the "truth" no matter how much retaliation he faced.

However, it did not take much time before Khan faced a retaliation. One Pramod Dubey from Allahabad said in another video posted on Facebook that he would be alone to take care of Khan. Waving a revolver in his hand, Dubey said the governments of India and UP have restricted them from taking action against people like Khan. "We respect the administration and hence keeping quiet," Dubey said. He said the Hindus are not afraid but kind-hearted and warned Khan not to test their patience.

Caution: Very Strong Language | Viewer Discretion Advised