Pakistan's Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has called Pakistan's win against India a "Victory of Islam". Pakistan won the match against India by 10 wickets. The minister could be seen beaming and made the shocking statement on camera. He added that Muslims not just around the world but even in India were rooting for Pakistan in the match.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

"For Pakistan, today's India-Pakistan match was the final. Pakistan's triumph against India is a victory of Islam. All Muslims throughout the world are rejoicing," the minister said. The video has garnered all sorts of reactions. While many are agreeing with what the minister has said, many are at a loss words seeing the minister compare a match to a religion.

Kohli's take on the performance by the team

"As a team, we need to understand that what was the reality of the situation out there in the middle. That's where those 20-25 extra runs would have been good. But brilliant bowling in the first six, did not allow us to get those extra runs. We know exactly how the game went and where it went wrong. We have absolute clarity of it, which is a good thing to know about where you went wrong as a team," Virat Kohli said in post-match press conference.

India would next be playing against New Zealand on October 31 in Dubai.