Ajith's "Vedalam" has turned out to become one of the biggest hits at the box office in 2015. The movie released on 10 November for the Diwali weekend, and the festival paid off big time for the flick.

"Vedalam", which was made with the budget of Rs 60+ crore, has made above Rs 110 crore worldwide. There are multiple reasons behind the success of "Vedalam". Here's a list of what helped the movie become a big hit: 

A picture of Ajith from his next movie "Vedalam".IB Times India

The biggest factor that has worked in favour of "Vedalam" is the presence of Ajith in the cast. His star power alone is enough to pull crowds into theatres in big numbers. It has to be noted that even heavy rain did not stop the audience from turning up at cinema halls to watch the flick.

Right mix of commercial ingredients
There will always be audience for regular commercial potboilers, especially if there is a good mix of all the ingredients, like romance, action, emotion and comedy. "Vedalam" had what audience love to see in masala movie. Hence, the film has become a hit.

Good content
No movie can stay in theares just because of a star's presence or just because it is a commercial film. Good content alone will ensure that a film becomes a hit. "Vedalam" had good content and has impressed the audience.

Lack of competition
Generally, there are be a few big clashes during the festive seasons in Kollywood. But this time, "Vedalam" did not face any competition. Even though "Thoonga Vaanam" was also released at the samer time, the Kamal Haasan-starrer was not a threat as it was an urban-centric film.

Festive weekend
The six-day weekend has turned out to be a huge blessing for "Vedalam". Cine-goers could not have got a better opportunity to watch the movie as the long holiday season set the perfect platform for them.

'Veeram' success
Ajith and Siruthai Siva's earlier film "Veeram" was a good family entertainer and had impressed the mass. The audience was looking forward to another such entertainer from them, and this helped "Vedalam" register a thumping opening.