Bollywood is running out of things to do due to coronavirus pandemic. As the leaders of Indian entertainment so far, how can they stop producing content? Luckily with social media at their fingertips, instead of waiting for directors and producers to sign them, actors are producing their own content, on a mission to outshine YouTube stars.

Varun Dhawan showcased his talent for rap, with a song of his own. While Kartik Aaryan has been driving home #CoronaStopKaroNa, Varun Dhawan went for the 21-day lockdown issued in India. In the video, he also featured some unlikely and unwitting collaborators.

Varun Dhawan
@varundvn on Instagram

Varun Dhawan's lockdown rap

All rappers have humble beginnings. For Varun Dhawan, it's the reverse, from a Bollywood superstar to a street rapper. Earlier this week, his contemporary Kartik Aaryan also utilised social media to spread a message on Coronavirus. He also left the public with a high stakes threat, that he will keep bombarding us with his content until we heed his message.

This onslaught from Bollywood with workout videos, DIY chore videos, cooking classes, was not something anybody was expecting during the Coronavirus pandemic. The stars are used to being in front of the camera after all so we really can't blame them, and it's always nice we suppose to keep up with the fans, we wouldn't know now, would we? 

Varun Dhawan uploaded his own rap debut on Instagram under the banner #Vararaps. Clearly, his father the renowned film producer and director David Dhawan had no hand in it, considering the clear budget and signs of a handmade video, if we can call it that. The rap begins with our very own PM's speech on the lockdown. Clearly, Varun is bringing out the big guns from the start.

His rap says, "You can't go to the parlour, you can't go to the street, you can't go to sabzi mandi, this is all you can eat" Preach. That's the kind of relatability we're talking about, then he adds all the elements of a perfect Bollywood movie, public unrest, love and drama, "Ghar se nikala to corona hoga (get out of the house and you'll get Corona), gedi kiya to corona hoga (Try to be oevrsmart you'll get Corona), pyaar kiya to dil tutega (fall in love and your heart will break), dil tutega to dard hoga (If your heart breaks you're going to be in pain)... Kyu? (Why?)... it's a m****** lockdown." What more could you want? Then we're shown a clip of Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai crying from Devdas. 

Varun Dhawan pulled out all the stops letting us know he has international pull, and that this is a kid-friendly rap with a cameo by the Teletubbies who are jamming to his beat. PM Modi returns for a second innings after the chorus. Varun Dhawan emerges on his sweet ride, a kid's cycle to add that extra edge to the song. That's testimony to the budget. Some supporting actors who need to be given credit for their outstanding and realistic performances are the Mumbai pigeons. 

We don't know what's going to happen, but if the world is kept at home for longer than 21 days, things are going to get weird, if they aren't already.