Vanitha Vijayakumar and Arun Vijay
Vanitha Vijayakumar and Arun Vijay.PR Handout

Vanitha Vijaykumar has once again brought her family issue out in open for discussion. She has lashed out at her half-brother and actor Arjun Vijay for keeping her away from their family, while "happily" staying in her late mother's property.

Vanitha, daughter of veteran Tamil actor and late actress Manjula, has been at loggerheads at her father for years now. Their feud had came out in public on numerous occasions.

Now, in a series of tweets, Vanitha Vijayakumar has urged him to bring her into the family fold and asked them not to ignore her. The actress, who was seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, indicated that their children should not face the problems for the mistakes committed by elders.

Check out the series of Tweets posted by her below:

You can spread love to all around you later.first don't hurt and cheat your own blood. Whatever happened you guys have no right or reason to throw me away and be happy. I and my children deserve to be treated equally. My mom was the reason

For all the glory you guys are enjoying today. You know how hard life can be.i being a woman have been much more stronger and survived everything you guys put me through. No point calling yourself a hero just in films. Try to live up to it in real life.I think you are old enough

Be man enough to stand up and sort out the indifferences. You have fans be an inspiration to them, don't set a bad example. Let bygones be bygones. No one is perfect, we all have messed up.finally only thing that matters is we are independent strong people who love our kids.

Imagine I took away your son and your home and made the police harass u and your family and threw you on the streets taking away all your belongings and made u go through mental torture and made our father and other family against u for no fault of yours. You guys put me through

All this and much more.i have been pushed shoved and crushed but I have survived everything and made myself much more stronger, powerful and successful rather than killing myself and my kids.sorry guys I disappointed u . grow up and act responsibly and do the right thing.

I know very well people have to pay for bad karma in this janma itself..its scary to think so as they have accumulated a lot.poor kids have to suffer for parents mistakes. I don't understand how they can live with themselves. I am looking for a house in Chennai as I was thrown

Out of my own house by my family. I am facing same problems Film people face cant get on rent so easily. Its embarrassing and humiliating I'm a mother of 3 kids .2 are daughters, I am going through all this harassment because of my family @arunvijayno1 and my sisters all happily

Living with my mom's property .I am disowned and cheated and sore.what mistake my kids did to go through this?I have gone through everything single handedly and god god has always been on my side .but it's high time they realised

A real hero doesn't hurt and cheat his own sister.i have been constantly humiliated and ignored by u and my sisters.u are mature enough to sort this out.i deserve to be treated equally and not disrespected .stop hurting me and my kids.

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