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Thursday's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" was one of the best of the entire season. It not only bid adieu to two fan-favourite characters, but the episode also saw Caroline and Stefan finally locking lips.

Fans of Caroline and Stefan have been shipping Steroline for years now, giving rise to a number of blogs and tweets on why these two vampires would make the perfect pair. But it was only in Thursday's episode that the producers decided to bring them together, and it is too soon to say whether their relationship will progress, especially as Caroline is still grieving for her mother, Sheriff Forbes, who succumbed to cancer.

Fans are devastated that Sheriff Forbes has died, as over the years she has become a much-loved character. Therefore, it is not surprising that Twitter was flooded with condolence message soon after the episode aired, with many appreciating Damon for being with his best friend at the time of her death.

"The fact that Damon is w/his bestie, Sheriff Forbes = perfection. Goodbye, Liz. :( @cwtvd #TVD #SheriffForbes," wrote a fan. "Damon & Sheriff Forbes friendship is still so odd but so beautiful. I love it. #TVD," tweeted another.

Yet another fan added:"@cwtvd I will miss the relationship between Damon and Sheriff Forbes #TVD,"

Not surprising, the actor who essays Damon, Ian Somerhalder, was also not too happy with Sheriff Forbes' death. Actress Marguerite McIntyre, who plays Sheriff Forbes, recently revealed to TVLine that the mood on the set was sombre following the revelation that her character was going to die.

"Everybody knew it was coming, so for weeks beforehand, everybody was being so emotional with me in this way that I'm like, "Dudes, I'm fine!" … Every time [Ian would] see me, he'd [whisper], 'Hi.' When we did that table read, after the table read, he was like, 'By the way, you get well, right?' From then on, he's been very clingy." (sic)

Elsewhere in the episode, Jeremy left Mystic Falls to pursue a career as a vampire hunter, and Enzo finally revealed his vampirism to Sarah. The mystery behind the deaths of Elena's parents was also solved -- it was just an accident and no supernatural force was behind their deaths.