Valentine's Day
Valentine's DayReuters

When you are in love, everyday is special and worth celebrating. But of all those days, Valentine's Day is the most special one when you absolutely do not want to miss a chance to express your love. This is that one day when you want to be with your loved one, more than any other day. But what if you are in a long distance relationship? Being all alone, with your partner miles away, can be rough on you.

Tell you what; celebrating Valentine's Day is as easy even if you are in a long distance relationship. If you are not with your sweetheart this Valentine's, there's still so much you could do for them, just like you would if you were together. Read on and pick from these ideas to make your loved one feel on top of the world, even when you are physically away.

The 'I Love You' call

You call your partner everyday but on this extra special day, make sure you call them just to say" I love you". Call them first thing in the day. A classic expression of your love will leave them speechless. It will outdo any other romantic gesture or extravagant gifts. This phone call will make them feel extraordinary and will also set a joyful mood for the rest of the day.

Mail something handmade

There is nothing more romantic than a handmade gift to surprise your loved one. Adding a personal touch is always more special than a gift you bought from the mall. Send a hand-decorated picture frame with your favourite picture of the both of you. Or make a tape with all the songs that you think are romantic and dedicate it to her/him. You can also create a photo collage, knit them something or bake their favourite cake and send it over. Expect an overwhelmed excited phone call from your love to say thanks!

Plan an e-date

If you were together, you would have probably dressed up and gone out for an intimate dinner. You can easily do it over the internet. Plan a Skype/Viber/Face Time date where both of you show up at a pre-decided time, dressed for the occasion. Have a romantic time together while you eat with each other.

Make a video montage

Make a video! It's simple, romantic and does not require a lot of time. Select pictures that you think describe your relationship the best, put them together, make a slideshow and add a romantic song to the background. Or just pick up the camera and record a message, send it. Voila! Your partner will always remember how special you made their Valentine's this year.

Love letter

The most foolproof way to your loved one's heart is through a classic love letter. Write them a letter telling them how much you love them, hand-decorate it and send it by post. They will never forget how special you made them feel.

Compose a song

Write a poem or compose a song for your partner. Record it on tape and mail it to them. Listening to you singing for them will make their Valentine's unforgettable!

Surprise them

If you can afford it, book a flight and give them a surprise visit on Valentine's Day. This is just the thing to do, especially for those who are not very far away. This will make the best Valentine's gift ever! Do not be surprised if they fall for you all over again.