• Valentine's Day 2015
    Valentine's Day 2015Reuters
  • Valentine's Day 2015
    Valentine's Day 2015Reuters
  • Valentine's Day 2015
    Valentine's Day 2015Reuters
  • Valentine's Day 2015
    Valentine's Day 2015Reuters

Valentine's day is just around the corner and many have started planning on how to celebrate the day with their special one.

Though exchanging gifts might be a cliché, many still believe that it is an inevitable part of the day.

Here are some interesting and useful gifts you can give your loved ones on the special occasion:

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her:

  • Self Defence Kit

Make sure your loved one is safe whenever she is in public place and self defence kit is an apt gift in this age of violence and increased rape attempts in our society.

  • Spa Treatments

As people are really busy with their work, it is essential for them to take a break and relax their mind and body. Spa treatments will help them feel good and will even improve blood circulation.

  • Jewellery

Even though it is a common gift, jewelleries like a chain, bracelet or ring are always a girl's favourite gift from their loved one.

  • Customised Mobile Cases

Anything cute will bring a smile on her face. There are various online stores, which customise and design cute mobile covers by including your names and photos.

  • Shopping Vouchers

If your loved one is a shopaholic, shopping vouchers can be the best gift you can give on the special day.

  • Cosmetics Box

Manicure kit and other cosmetic kits will be an useful gift for her. But before buying these gifts, try to find out her favourite brands.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

  • Survival Kits

The kit includes basic tools and supplies, which can be used in an emergency situation.

  • Car Models

If he is a vehicle freak, gifting car or bike models will make him happy.

  • Travel Bag

Most of the guys prefer sudden travel preparations, and travel bag and other necessary travel equipments will be a good choice to give him on the special day.

  • Cufflinks and Tie

Let him look confident during his business meetings and conferences with the cufflinks and tie you gift him on the special day.

  • Sports Goods

If your guy is a sports lover, anything related to his favourite sports or sportmen will make him happy to know that you accept him the way he is.

Common Gifts

  • Travel Tickets

Surprising your loved one with a travel ticket to a distant place will be a good way to spend your Valentine's day together.

  • Gadgets

These days, gadgets are the most common gifts that are exchanged on all special occasions. From mobile phones, music player, headphones, power bank to tablets, one can buy appropriate gadgets according to their budget.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol also plays an important role in the life of youth and gifting it will surely make them happy. Special alcohol gift kits are also available in online and brick and mortar stores.

  • Animal lovers

If your loved one is an animal lover, giving them a pet would be a good gift idea for this Valentine's day.

  • Gift combos

Many gift combos are also available in popular online stores, where you can select personalised gifts for your love.

Watch, leather jackets, wallets/handbags, footwear, dresses, lingerie, chocolates, customised photo gifts, expensive perfumes and flowers are the other common gift items that can be gifted on this day.

Apart from all these, as people are really busy these days, if you can spend some cosy time together, that will be greatest present you can gift your partner on Valentine's day.