UP policeman beat up disabled man

 On Friday a video went viral on social media, showing a disabled man being dragged to the police station by a policeman. Since then, there has been an uproar in Kannauj over the treatment of the man and his pregnant wife.

The Kannauj police's superintendent has said he's taking the matter seriously and the matter is being probed. 

A policeman beats up disabled man in UP

In UP's Kannauj's Saurikh near Sadar Bazaar, a disabled was beaten up by a policeman from the Saurikh station. In the video, the disabled man is seen limping as the policeman brings him into the station premises and then proceeds to push him to the ground.

The man in question is yelling claiming how the policeman had brutalised him even when he had done nothing wrong. The man was identified as Sudeep a 26-year-old who had been travelling to the hospital with his wife and wife's cousin and son by e-rickshaw according to local media reports. When the rickshaw reached a junction, it was stopped from turning there.

Sudeep alleged that that's when the policeman had stopped his rickshaw and started abusing him. Soon, he started beating him up. Despite his wife's pleas the officer didn't stop, Sudeep alleged. The officer, in turn, claimed that Sudeep was at fault for flouting rules and had picked a fight with him, reports added. 

Netizens have found the behaviour of the police unacceptable and have demanded action be taken against the police in uniform. 

Superintendent of Kannauj police

The superintendent of Kannauj Police, has issued a video byte saying that the incident shouldn't have taken place and that an investigation into the same will be carried out.