It was in May 2020 that Uthra, a young woman from Kerala was murdered by her husband using a snake. In the initial days, everyone thought that her death was a case of a snake bite, but her father lodged a complaint, and it helped police to unravel the mysteries surrounding her death. Uthra's husband Sooraj was arrested, and later, he confessed the crime. And now, Kollam additional sessions court has pronounced the judgment of Uthra murder case. 

Sooraj killed Uthra using a snake, finds court

The court pronounced that Sooraj is guilty in the case. The punishment will be pronounced on Wednesday. 

Uthra and Sooraj

While pronouncing the judgment, the judge asked Sooraj whether he has to tell something. However, Sooraj informed the court that he does not have anything to say. The prosecution requested the court to give capital punishment to Sooraj, as it is the rarest of rarest cases. 

It should be noted that the proceedings of hearing and judgment were carried out at record speed, and it took just 16 months to complete to finish all the formalities. Moreover, the investigation officials had submitted the charge sheet within just 82 days, and it helped the court to punish the convict at record speed. Interestingly, it was for the first time that murder was carried out in Kerala using a snake as a weapon. 

New ways of investigation

During the investigation, police officers had conducted the autopsy of the snake. They also carried out a dummy test using a snake and a fiber hand. 

Meanwhile, Uthra's brother Vishnu alleged that Sooraj is a cheat who crookedly killed his sister. He also alleged that Sooraj was concerned only about money and gold. He added that Sooraj had no grief over Uthra's death and made it clear that he was very calculative in killing her.