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Popular R&B singer Usher has been accused of sexually engaging with a woman named Quantasia Sharpton, without informing her that he was diagnosed with herpes.

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Sharpton, 21, who is now a mother of a child claimed that she could have contracted genital herpes because of the artist. She was represented by Lisa Bloom, a celebrity lawyer, at a press conference earlier this Monday.

Earlier this Monday, lawsuits were filed against the singer for exposing three people to the sexually transmitted disease (STD), Sharpton was one of them. She revealed that she had attended a concert of the Yeah! singer where she was chosen

When she reached backstage, she was approached by Usher's security guard who asked for her contact number and revealed that the singer was interested in her.

to go backstage.

Watch the video of the press conference in here:

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Sharpton received a call from a blocked number after the gig was over, it was from Usher who was enquiring about the hotel she was staying at and her room number. He met her after an hour and they indulged in sexual activities. She revealed that she never met Usher after that day.

Last month, on 19 July, some leaked documents revealed that the singer and dancer had admitted to having the incurable sexually transmitted disease herpes in 2012, but as he had settled the case back then no revelations about this matter were reported in the past.

This left Sharpton stunned. She said that if Usher would have revealed about the disease to her before having sex she would have definitely refused it.

Though the 21-year-old revealed she was tested negative last year when she gave birth to a child, she contacted Bloom after reading about the case to seek help in knowing about the legal options she can avail.

Bloom said, "he violated his sex partners' rights by failing to warn them prior to having sexual contact. At least one of my clients has tested positive - and alleges that it was Mr Raymond who transmitted it," as quoted by a Daily Mail report.

After the documents were made public last month, it was found that a $20 million lawsuit has been filed against Usher by a woman with whom he had sexual contact in April, post which she got diagnosed with the disease.

The third victim who contracted from Usher due to unprotected sex is a man. Bloom mentioned in a statement that the identities of the other two victims will be kept secret.

Here are 7 important things to know about genital herpes:

  1. Genital herpes is a common STD with which one out of six people in the age group of 14 to 49 is diagnosed. The disease is spread by two types of viruses named: simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2.
  2. Coming in contact with the fluids present in herpes sore, oral, vaginal and anal sex could infect you with the disease. The disease has the ability to spread through the skin and herpes sore may not always be visible in the sex partner.
  3. You can lower the risk of succumbing to herpes and other STDs by having safe sex using latex condoms. Avoid having too many sexual partners, try being in a monogamous relationship with a partner who has been tested and found not diagnosed with STDs and STIs.
  4. In case you get infected with genital herpes during pregnancy, it becomes crucial for you to get prenatal care, as genital herpes can infect your baby with fatal infection and also lead to premature delivery as well as miscarriage. One should be extra cautious during pregnancy to keep herpes at bay. If you portray herpes symptoms at the time of delivery, doctors opt for caesarean instead of the normal delivery.
  5. There is no cure for herpes but there is the availability of medications that can help in depleting or preventing the outbreak.
  6. In case you spot STD symptoms like smelly discharge, bleeding between menstrual cycles in women or burning sensation while urinating, you should consult the doctor immediately.
  7. Genital herpes is contagious, not getting treated can worsen the condition by making your immunity weaker and causing severe pain in the genital sores. You get prone to spread the infection to other body parts like eyes if you touch the fluids present in the sores and then touch any other body parts. Also, if you know you got herpes, do reveal it to your sex partner(s). Doing so would reduce the risk of spreading the infection. Using condom can lower the risk of spreading herpes, but it's not curbed completely.