How to wipe your slate clean online
How to wipe your slate clean onlineReuters

The military hackers in the United States will penetrate the Russian electric grid, Kremlin's command systems and the telecommunication networks in case of a suspected Russian cyber-attack on the US election day on November 8.

The US hackers have made the Russian systems vulnerable to attack by secret American cyber weapons as they fear an untoward incident by Russian hackers during the elections, a senior intelligence official said.

The Russian government has been accused of tampering with the US presidential elections. According to the US intelligence agencies, the hacking of emails of the US Democratic National Committee (DNC) right before their national convention was conducted by Russian hackers associated with the Kremlin government. The email leak caused a huge hit to the Clinton campaign.

Reports state that the Russian government is attempting to interfere with the elections in America to influence a win for the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump by leaking emails from the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign.

The US intelligence officials have continued to express concerns of Russian's interference in the elections through the cyber space. The officials, however, do not expect Russia to attack the critical infrastructure of the US, but they are expected to tamper the elections by releasing fake documents in public to spread misinformation about the candidates and their parties.

A hacker called "Guccifer 2.0", had tweeted a threat on Friday to monitor the United States election "from inside the system." The US officials believe that Guccifer 2.0 is a front for Russian intelligence.

Considering the threat, the US government has marshalled its resources to give an appropriate response in manner that is without precedent of presidential elections, according to NBC News. The officials, however, added that the American cyber weapons will only be deployed if the US is attacked in a significant way.

The US election 2016 is on November 8, where Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are running for the next White House seat.