Urfi Javed's latest social media post has left her fans and followers worried. The former Bigg Boss contestant shared a picture of herself with a visibly swollen face. She revealed that the reason behind the same is an allergy attack. She also asked her fans to guess whom does she resemble with the swollen face.

Urfi Javed
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What netizens think

"Kya se kya ho Gaya ! (What just happened) When allergies hit Who do I resemble right now?" Urfi asked. "Rakhi Sawant," commented one user. "Rakhi Sawant 2.0," another user commented. "Urfi Javed 2.0," a netizen commented. "Anybody but Urfi Javed," another netizen commented.

When Honey Singh praised Urfi

There might be many who don't approve of Urfi's way of life and dressing, but there are many who never fail to praise her. After Ranveer Singh who called her a "fashion icon", Honey Singh had also heaped praise on the diva. He had also expressed a possibility of collaborating with Javed if a suitable project came up.

"I really liked that kid. She is very bold and brave. Jo apni zindagi apne tareeke se jeena chahti hai (She knows how to live her life on her own terms). I think all the girls of our country should learn something from her. Do whatever that comes in your heart without any hesitation, without being scared of anyone irrespectively of where you come from and which religion, caste or home you belong to," the rapper had said in an interview.