Radha Mohan directorial "Uppu Karuvaadu" ("Uppu Karuvadu") features Nandita Swetha and Karunakaran in the lead roles. The movie hit the screens worldwide on Friday, 27 November.

"Uppu Karuvaadu" has Narayan Lucky, Sathish Krishnan, Chaams, Elango Kumaravel, MS Bhaskar, Mayilswamy and others in the cast. The film has Steeve Vatz's music, Mahesh Muthuswami's cinematography and TS Jay's editing. 

It is a comedy entertainer and it has interesting characters in the film. A director, whose first film is a flop and the second film stopped midway, has one last opportunity to prove his potential. But the challenge is he has to make a movie with the producer's daughter, who does not possess any acting talent. How he achieves his goal forms the crux of the story.

"Uppu Karuvaadu" is getting positive reviews from the audience. They have whole-heartedly praised that it is a clean comedy film. Below, read their response to the film:

Ramesh tweeted
Watched #Uppukaruvadu last evening.. After a long time, laughed non-stop in theater.. Releases today..

A N Vijay Karthick tweeted
sema padam.. Lots of fun.. Entertainment guaranteed. Excellent performance by @actorkaruna & @Nanditasweta

Rajasekar posted
#Uppukaruvadu is good. Radha Mohan is back his trademark premise and scored quite well. A rollicking fun entertainer:)

Bharathnt wrote
#Uppukaruvadu is light-hearted entertainer. Happy #RadhaMohan is bck with bang. Pon Parthiban's dialogue is the winner. A picture is picture
#Uppukaruvadu 1st Half: Non-stop comedy.. Dir #RadhaMohan touches everywhere.. All Actors hv a done a neat job.. Lookin forward to 2nd half

Ramesh posted
#Uppukaruvadu : A clean comedy.. Gr8 dialogues.. Great ensemble actin.. @actorkaruna and @Nanditasweta shine.. Dir #RadhaMohan has a Winner!

Gauthamvasudevmenon wrote
Uppu karuvaadu-A laugh riot.And not just a laugh riot.This was really good sense of humour.Really laughed it out after a long time.Go enjoy!

A N Vijay Karthick posted
#UppuKaruvaadu 1st half done.. @actorkaruna's & his friend's comic timings r good. Good performance by @Nanditasweta. Funny ride till now.
#UppuKaruvaadu 2nd half pakka.. sema padam.
sema padam.. Lots of fun.. Entertainment guaranteed. Excellent performance by @actorkaruna & @Nanditasweta #UppuKaruvaadu

Surendhar MK tweeted
Loved #UppuKaruvaadu. Radhamohan delivers a clean, harmless entertainer.