Upendra.PR Handout

Auto-rickshaw will be the symbol of Upendra's political party. The actor announced the news in Hubballi on Saturday, December 9.

Speaking at the press club in Hubballi, Upendra stated that they are happy to have auto-rickshaw as the party symbol of KPJP. "The name that appears to our mind the moment we think of autorickshaw is late Shankar Nag, a dreamer. Decades ago Shankar Nag dreamt of ropeway in Nandi Hills, Metro as a means of transportation, low-cost houses for poor, etc."

"Coincidentally, we have got auto-rickshaw as the symbol of the party and have the opportunity to fulfil many of Shankar Nag's dreams," Uppi added. He also dedicated it to the late actor. 

Shankar Nag was known as Auto Raja and remains an icon for auto-rickshaw drivers in Karnataka. His film Auto Raja earned the love and affection of the drivers and common man 

Upendra claimed that auto stands for anything that functions on its own and the KPJP wants to create a transparent system that is free of corruption and functions without any interference. "If corporate companies can function smoothly and bring so much of productivity, I wonder why we cannot apply the same in government sectors."

"In spite of having so much of budget and man power there is always questions on its productivity. Through KPJP we want to create a structure to bring accountability in the government," he continued.

Upendra reiterated that the KPJP will not be into negative politics and the motto of the party is to find solutions to the problems faced by the people which will be addressed in their manifesto.

The actor launched the party a few months ago. The KPJP will contest in all 224 assembly seats in the next general election to be held in May 2018.