The police team in Urga, Chattisgarh, had another reason to thank sniffer dog Bagha after he helped crack a murder case within a short span of time. Dipanshu Kabra, IG, Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, posted a video on his Twitter account about Bagha's modus operandi, along with the police team.

This made Twitter users urge the police to involve Bagha in solving cases like Sushant Singh Rajput's case and other cases that often remain unsolved due to political pressure. Bagha has been in the police department since 2017. So far, Bagha has succeeded in giving information on 13 thefts and six blind murder cases.

Sniffer Dog bagha

How did the sniffer dog Bagha crack the murder mystery? 

On Sunday night, Urga police received information about gatekeeper Haresh Kumar missing from his regular place of duty. The team reached the spot and found Haresh's body near Kothari crossing. For helping the police team, Bagha was brought to the spot. He sniffed Haresh's clothes and set off to find the suspects.

He went ahead for about half a kilometer and took the police team to the suspects. The team interrogated about two people at the spot and they accepted that they, along with three other accomplices, had murdered Haresh.

Other achievements of Bagha, the sniffer dog

The police department at Urga awarded Bagha and his handler Sunil Bagha for this accomplishment. Bagha is posted in District Police Force and has been playing an important role in solving criminal cases. For his contribution to the force, Bagha has received awards thrice.

Bagha is looked at as a dog cop, who solves cases even when the investigating team cannot find clues. Along with his trainer, he is playing an important role in cracking down criminals.

In the rape and murder case of a girl, Bagha had helped solve the case after he smelled the belongings of the girl and took the police team to the rapist's house, which was four kilometers away. It is believed that a dog cannot follow a particular smell for four kilometers but Bagha is gifted with special attributes and helps police solve various cases often.

He has several achievements to his credit and that too from a very young age and has gained a lot of fame for himself in the area.