Yash Katyal
Yash Katyal

Yash Katyal is poised, stylish, and most importantly, natural and trendy at the same time, just like his fashion sense. He is a lifestyle influencer and a businessman who is creating his mark of glory in the hearts of the younger generation of today because he keeps it genuine and authentic. He is so passionate about fashion that he makes it look easy and charismatic.

He started his career way back in the year 2012 as a model and enjoyed early success. Post-2016, he got into the world of the social media industry as a social media influencer. Life has never been the same for him after that as he started getting recognition for the kind of work he does, and massive appreciation from his audiences and followers started coming in within two years of him working as a social media influencer, he claims.

His aim was to be the best version of himself, and over the years, he tried his best to make his dreams come true, he said. He lives by the key to inspire and move as many people as he can by his unique way of carrying fashion and styling, and being in trend has always been something that makes him happy because he loves being in the public eye. The amount of love pouring in from all his audiences and followers is something he says he feels very fortunate to have received, and he claims to have worked with over 100 brands.

He has nearly 1,62,000 followers on social media. He is also very deeply rooted in society, and doing something for the goodwill of people makes him immensely happy; thus, he is working on 'no cost clothing,' which he is going to dedicate to the Non- Governmental Organisations, he claims.

He gives vast credit in the social media industry to his brother, Mr. Vipul Juneja. He believes he has been the guiding force behind him, and none of his successes would have been possible if he had not made him pursue his talent from such a platform of the social media industry. Their style is similar, and that they are working in the same direction, which keeps him on his toes to work at his finest.

One of the most noteworthy contributions that he made is campaigning for the Covid warriors during the lockdown. That was executed in the same manner as he expected it to be. There is the willingness to do more and achieve more, and he believes that this burning spark of aspiration is something which he wants never to end; thus, the following plan that he is looking forward to lending his name to is a fitness channel along with the lifestyle niche that he is working on because he believes that there is a lot more potential in that area too.