Unborn baby looks like an alien in MRI scan, shocks couple [Representational Image]Creative Commons

A couple from Greater Manchester, England went for an MRI scan of their unborn baby and were shocked at the sight of it. Not because they were extremely happy but the picture looked like that of an alien.

Laura Thomas and Matthew Tansley, however, laughed out loud later after they spotted the uncanny resemblance between their little 30 week-old baby Lucas and the aliens from Tim Burton's film Mars Attacks.

The scan apparently shows a furious-looking Lucas staring at the camera with large bulging eyes, while the outline of his brain clearly visible -- just like the creatures from the 1996 movie.

According to Cater News, the doctors discovered excess fluid on the brain and conducted a scan in February 2017. Laura shared the hilarious picture only recently after doctors gave a clean bill of health to their 11-month-old Lucas.

However, it wasn't a funny picture when they first saw it. She was expecting a really clear picture of him. Laura said: "The consultant did warn me that the images would be a lot different to a standard 2D scan but I didn't expect him to look like that."

She added: "When he looked up at me from that scan, all I could see were those eyes - it looked like he was possessed. His dad straight away said he looked like a Martian from Mars Attacks!"

She further explained: "You can see the resemblance straight away with the googly eyes and his brain on show, which somehow made him look even angrier."

Lucas was born in April last year, weighing 7lb 7oz. Laura said she decided to share the picture now after it was clear that he is in good health. "I didn't want to make a mockery if something was wrong," she said."Now we know he's absolutely fine we just want to make everyone else laugh."