Deepika Ghose (Ghosh) leaves Deepika Padukone behind in Google search
Deepika Ghose (Ghosh) leaves Deepika Padukone behind in Google search.YouTube Screenshot/Instagram

Deepika Ghose (Ghosh) became a star overnight after she attained instant popularity while cheering for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) during its last IPL 2019 match. The search rate for the young lady on Google has been so high that if you type "deepika", the first two search results show her name, leaving behind actress Deepika Padukone.

Deepika Ghose instantly became a celebrity after the camera focussed on her multiple times during the course of the RCB vs SRH match. Netizens went crazy about her, and soon they digged out her identity.

Now known as "RCB fan girl", Deepika Ghose in no time became a celebrity, and the number of her social media followers witnessed a massive rise. And at the same time, people became so curious to know about her that a huge number of people started Googling about her.

The rate of online search has been so high that if one types "deepika" on Google, the first two results show "deepika ghosh" and "deepika ghose", while "deepika padukone" comes in the third position.

Deepika Ghose (Ghosh) leaves Deepika Padukone behind in Google search

While this search result may of course be a temporary thing, it is crazy to see some random girl's name appearing before one of the top Bollywood actresses name on the search engine. This however, does not mean she has been searched more than Deepika Padukone on Google.

While Deepika Ghose's original Instagram account crossed 2 lakh followers in no time apart from becoming a verified account, several fan pages have already been opened on social media in the name of the "RCB fan girl".

We have seen such cases of ordinary people becoming internet sensation in recent past as well. While Priya Prakash Varrier, who became famous for one winking scene, she was already somewhat known face for being in the entertainment world.

However, one of the best examples of common people turning stars overnight was Pakistan's good-looking "chaiwala model" named Arshad Khan.