Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa
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Late on Thursday, reports emerged of a man arriving outside Karnataka CM Yediyurappa's residence asking for medical help after testing positive for Covid-19 and delay in getting an ambulance. He was eventually admitted to a hospital in Bengaluru.

Videos showed the man outside the CM's residence Krishna calling for help in getting to the hospital. The man claimed that he had contacted the hospital and was told there would be a delay. 

As last resort man arrives at Karnataka CM's residence

The number of cases in Bengaluru has been witnessing a massive rise. The healthcare system in Bengaluru has been struggling under the burden, and the unfortunate victims are those without power. 

One such incident came to light outside the Karnataka CM's house on Thursday when a man walked with his family to the residence Krishna. According to local news reports, the man was a resident of Banashankari and upon realising he had tested positive for COVID-19 in the morning he had contacted a hospital for an ambulance but was turned away. 

The man then left with little option walked all the way to the CM's residence seeking aid and asserted that he and his family were sick. The man, reported by TOI to be 32-year-old Shankar, a bus driver further went to Basavanagudi police station where he was told to go to a hospital instead. 

CM's office Krishna Bengaluru
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Arriving outside the CM Yediyurappa's residence, the authorities were alerted and the office helped find him an ambulance following which he was admitted to KC General Hospital. However, the CM's aide told NDTV that he hadn't approached a hospital and directly came to the CM as he didn't have money. 

The two versions of the story seem to be in a clash, however, the hospital bed situation in Karnataka has been hard on citizens and ambulances have been difficult to come by, which has been reported numerous times so far. Moreover, while people are struggling to get beds at hospitals in Bengaluru the BBMP's live dashboard showed nearly 70% of the beds as available on Thursday. Perhaps incidents and videos of these stories then are only the tip of the iceberg.