Those desperately looking for Rishi Sunak's India connect finally got one on Friday and that too where he himself admits the relation. Well, sort of.

In a social media post by Kashmiri celebrity chef Sanjay Raina, UK's newest Prime Minister Rishi Sunak can be seen greeting and inviting the chef's uncle. The fifteen-second clip surfaced days after his Diwali reception at 10 Downing Street, where PM Sunak refers to the uncle as 'mama' and also invites him to 10 Downing Street.

Rishi Sunak
Rishi SunakIANS

In the video, Chef Raina says, "Mama, I have got somebody to say hello to you," before panning the camera towards Sunak who is more than friendly and effortless with the uncle. "Vijay mama, hi. It's Rishi, how are you?"

PM Sunak further follows this greeting with an invite. "Hopefully, you come here and see me. So when you get here, tell your nephew Sanjay to bring you to Downing Street. Take care."

Vijay mama, did you say?

The name Vijay and the mention of UK did not take long for Vijay Mallya memes to take over the internet. "Here we are, trying hard to bring back the one Vijay we already sent to the UK and he is inviting another one out of India," wrote a user on one of the social media platforms.

Given the political timeline of the event, the video caught the virality of both pro and anti-Sunak netizens. Even Chef Raina couldn't resist taking a dig, with the post and wrote, "Visa on arrival ab pakka."