A really strange object was accidentally spotted after Donald Trump announced that he will be competing in the US presidential elections. A UFO was found following his helicopter. There was no coverage of Trump's chopper by the media after it took off.

No other footage of Donald Trump's chopper was available on Google, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) director, Gregory Andersen stated.MUFON

Trump was giving his kids a free ride to Iowa State Fair around 1 pm on August 15, 2015. This was noticed after a witness present at the fair, standing close to Trump's chopper, clicked a photo of Trump's chopper. He noticed a strange object following Trump's helicopter later when he was checking the clicked photos.

This was then immediately reported to the Iowa MUFON and case 69530 was registered. "We were walking down the street to the fair," the witness said as quoted by openminds.tv.

"Donald Trump's helicopter was flying overhead so I got my phone out and snapped a picture. It was very hard to see the helicopter because of the glare on the screen. Later on, that day when I was sitting in the shade, I got my phone out to see how my picture had come out. That's when I noticed the object in the photo," the witness explained further.

This case was looked into by the Iowa MUFON state director, Gregory Andersen, who looked into the case and shut the case tagging the object under the category of identified flying object (IFO). According to Anderson, the object is apparently a "bird" or a "bug", openminds.tv reported.

"The temperature was 73 degrees and wind was out of the south at 10 mph," Andersen stated in his report.

Donald Trump's helicopter was flying overhead, when the witness thought of clicking the photo using his phone.MUFON

"It was mostly clear with a few clouds. I looked at Google for other footage of the Trump helicopter at the state fair and there was none when it was in the air. I compared the two images and the same object is in the sky and at different locations. As the helicopter was not in both, the object was not following the helicopter and was moving slower than the helicopter. The comparison of the object when enlarged shows a similar shape that changed a little. The shape seems to rule out a balloon as it was not symmetrical," Andersen stated.

Andersen explained his opinion by saying that two original photographs were provided to him by the witness which was uploaded on the content management system (CMS). Another photo, which gave a wider view of the surrounding, was given by the witness and that pointed towards the fact that he was very eager to solve this mystery.

Another photograph which gave a wider view of the surrounding was provided by the witness to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) director, Gregory Anderson.MUFON

"..I am classifying this as 'IFO – Natural Phenomena.' It is either a bug or a bird that was closer to the witness and out of focus. Although blurry, you can see that the shape changes between shots and that indicates wing movement," Andersen stated.

MUFON's case about Donald Trump's chopper being followed by a UFO created much hype on social media.

This mysterious object was said to be an identified flying object (IFO) by Gregory Andersen, the director of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).MUFON

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had told the media during the campaign that she would get to the bottom of the UFO issue.

MUFON's director Roger Marsh reacted to this statement by saying that "The carrot has been dangled too many times in the past. Other presidential candidates, other people running for office, have said they will get to the bottom of the UFO issue. Then the candidate takes office and nothing happens," Esquire's Spy magazine quoted.

The MUFON headquarters is being optimistic for the future regarding the extraterrestrial happenings.

"Trump ran a campaign that his presidency would not be business as usual. So once again, we will be watching to see what he might reveal about UFOs and aliens," Executive Director Jan C. Harzan stated.