UFO Sighting
UFO SightingScreenshot from YouTube Video

In what could spur the interest of UFO (unidentified flying objects) enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, a skywatcher from North Philadelphia has captured a strange white object hovering in the skies. In the video, a shape-changing white object is seen moving much faster than other clouds, sparking off peculations that it's an alien spaceship disguised as clouds.

"Looking out my window this morning there was a cloud coming down from the sky with sparkling lights in it was moving weird so I pulled my phone out," wrote Hector Garcia on his Facebook page according to Mirror

The video footage, which is also uploaded on YouTube, has become a topic of discussion with alien hunters claiming that it's a UFO, while others think that it's not a spaceship.

"Dude this is excellent footage. I think u just filmed a UFO alright cause is unidentified but really this is probably the first video tape of a cloaked stealth bomber. Nice!!!" wrote one viewer.

"The structure seems fairly solid and consistent, so I'd rule out anything like a plastic bag. It moves really smoothly and doesn't dance about in the wind, granted there is almost no wind. And there's really no indication of scale. Looks like a bunch of soap duds, but they don't seem to dissipate much. Very peculiar," wrote another.

However, many viewers are of the opinion that the white object is just a soap bubbles and not a UFO.

"It looks like a large mass of soap suds to me and not a cloud. Not sure how this would've become air born. Perhaps it blew off of some industrial site?" wrote a viewer.

"That's a massive cloud of soap bubbles. The flashing lights are actually sunlight refracted by the thousands of tiny spheres inside the cloud formation. Science Bitch," wrote another.

Well, the video footage ends with the object flying into the back of the buildings. It is very unlikely to be clouds as it move much faster than clouds near it besides sparkling lights it emits. It is also unlikely to be a UFO as some parts of the object seems to be transparent.