Several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that an advanced alien species from deep space has been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Without providing any scientific evidence, these conspiracy theorists argue that these aliens are even in contact with astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Adding up the heat to these seemingly bizarre theories, an eagle-eyed conspiracy theorist has apparently spotted an unidentified flying object (UFO) near the ISS. 

Mysterious video sparks debate

A video of the alleged event has been uploaded to YouTube by a user named MrMBB333. The video was shot during a recent docking on the ISS, and it showed a mysterious craft moving from right to left across the skies. 

Alleged UFO is ISS Live FeedYouTube: MrMBB333

Interestingly, the UFO spotted in the live feed was white and round, similar to the alleged flying objects noticed several times from the ground. 

"There was a recent docking at the international space station and if you look in the background you will see an unidentified object flying from right to left. The further left it gets you'll see it accelerates. I don't know if this is the same thing that people have been seeing down on Earth. That thing had a propulsion system on it – that wasn't just some random piece of debris. It just takes off, did you see that?" said the uploader of the video. 

Netizens suspect alien presence

The video uploaded by MrMBB333 has gone viral on the internet, and it has already racked up more than 49,000 views on YouTube. After watching the creepy clip, netizens also suggest their thoughts to explain this bizarre event. Most of the viewers who watched the video claimed that aliens have started showing up. Some of them even went a step ahead and claimed that advanced aliens are monitoring how humans are managing the ongoing Covid pandemic. 

"That ISS docking video is very impressive. The only question I ask is, why can't NASA just be truthful?" commented Nick Homer, a YouTube user. 

"If these UFOs are alien, I hope they know the problems we're having and keep their distance. It's dangerous down here," commented Theresa Carmen, another user. 

However, skeptics claim that the alleged UFO could be either space debris or ice crystals.