Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that alien existence on earth is real. According to these conspiracy theorists, UFO sightings that are happening in various parts of the globe are a clear indication that aliens are visiting planet earth regularly. Adding up the heat to these unbelievable theories, a UFO fleet has been spotted in the skies of Illinois.

In the video, apparently captured on November 26, 2021, three glowing objects can be seen hovering in the skies in a triangular formation.  It should be noted that UFOs flying in a triangular formation is not new, as there are several previous instances where similar unknown flying vessels were spotted in skies in identical formations. 

Alleged UFO spotted in IllinoisUFO Sightings Daily/MUFON

Illinois UFO video submitted to MUFON

After capturing the UFO video, the eyewitness submitted the clip to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON),  a US-based non-profit organization composed of civilian volunteers who study reported UFO sightings. 

The clip was later analyzed by self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring who is currently operating from Taiwan. After watching the clip, Waring claimed that these kinds of sightings are clear evidence of alien presence on earth. 

"The objects made no sound and were small and round. He said they were heading toward Lake Michigan which is known for its incredibly deep and cold water. The same location that I believe holds an alien base below the lake floor. Many UFOs come and go from this lake, so it stands to reason...there is something of importance to aliens there...and what is more important than their base?" wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

UFO that appeared during an electric storm

A few weeks back, conspiracy theorists were shocked to see five UFOs during an electric storm in Atlantic City. 

"The 4 are passing through the cloud and the 5th passes near the surface of the water. There are also some static ones behind the cloud. Could the ones flying by be birds? Isn't the speed too high? The one flying lower down appears at the same time as the others and at the same speed which I find interesting," wrote Reddit user Rozetta11 who captured the clip. 

A few months back, former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed had also revealed mind-blowing details about alien existence. According to Eshed, world powers like the United States and Israel are working closely with an advanced alien civilization. He also claimed that there is a galactic federation where aliens and humans are members.