In the first episode of our UFO Diaries published two days back, we narrated the infamous UFO sighting testimonial by Kenneth Arnold which ruled the headlines of media in 1947. In the second episode, we are detailing another UFO event which happened in 1948, popularly known as the Green fireball UFO incident. 

Green fireball UFO event

On December 05, 1948, several people in New Mexico witnessed a green fireball in the skies. The eyewitnesses even include two plane crews and some military officials. 

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Adding up to the already looming scare, two pilots reported another sighting of a green fireball on December 08, 1948. 

Following these two UFO events, several secret meetings were organized, most of them led by Edward James Ruppelt, who was involved in Project Blue Book, a formal governmental study of unidentified flying objects. 

According to reports, green fireball observation and photographic units were created at that time. These units, however, were dismantled after two years, as several experts stated that these green fireballs were of natural origin. 

Alien debate

Meanwhile, several conspiracy theorists, at that time, claimed that these green fireballs were alien orbs. According to these conspiracy theorists, the government covered up the entire incident to avoid public panic. 

It should be noted that this UFO sighting happened just a few months after the Roswell UFO crash incident. Several people still believe that the US Army received irrefutable proof of alien existence following the event. 

Even though scientific experts consider the green fireball UFO event connected to nature and meteors, conspiracy theorists still argue that this event was directly related to alien presence on earth.