A video of two Malayalam actors being groped at Kerala Mall is doing rounds on social media. The actress on her Instagram account shared her experience of sexual misconduct during a film promotion at a mall-based in Kozhikode, north Kerala.

The Malayalam actress shared her harrowing experience through her Instagram page

The Malayalam actress began her post by saying that Kozhikode was a place that she loved a lot. However, on the evening of September 27, a person at the promotional event grabbed her. She went on to say that it disgusted her greatly even to mention where the person grabbed her.

Mall frenzy

"Kozhikode is a place I loved a lot. But, tonight while returning after a programme, a person from the crowd grabbed me. It disgusts me to say where! Are people around us so frustrated? We had been to several places as part of the promotion. But, I never had such a pathetic experience anywhere else. My colleague also had a similar experience. She reacted, but I couldn't in that situation as I was dumbstruck for a moment," the actor said in last night's post.

Take a look at the screenshot of the post shared by the Malayalam actor:

Screengrab of Ig post

The other actor too was harassed also shared her ordeal on social media 

Apart from her, the other actress also took to her Instagram account to share the details adding that the mall was overcrowded and the security staff were finding it difficult to manage the situation. The star went on to say that no one should have to face such trauma and asserted that the guilty should be punished.

Kerala Actress Sexually Abused In Mall

Probe underway

Kerala Police is investigating the matter but this isn't the first time that such a horrifying incident came to light. In August, the promotional event for Tovino Thomas and Kalyani Priyadarshan-starrer 'Thallumaala' had to be wrapped after the crowd went berserk upon seeing their favourite stars.