Twitter has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism after its tiff with the Indian government in wake of farmers' protests. Amidst all this, Koo emerged a winner as many users, along with government officials and agencies jumped the ship, sparking a Twitter vs Koo rivalry. But this new fame for Koo hasn't been easy to handle, as it has had to face a lot of misinformation and even fight off an imposter.

When Koo shot to fame, people started looking for more info on the app. To get regular updates, they naturally followed the official Koo handle on Twitter. The irony isn't lost on this move at all. But as it turned out, the masses followed the wrong account, in fact, a fake and an imposter pretending to be the official Koo handle.

Koo App: The Indian alternative to Twitter Is Not Safe?

The Twitter handle @KooAppOfficial garnered more than 21,000 followers in no time. Only after Koo's co-founder, Aprameya Radhakrishna clarified that @KooAppOfficial was fake and the real account was @KooIndia, some people realized the gaffe. But that didn't put a dent on the fake Koo handle's follower base. In fact, the fake Twitter handle of Koo argued with the app's founder, saying they were just doing PR.

Fake Koo app

Twitter to the rescue

Twitter saves Koo

Despite the intense rivalry Twitter faces from Koo in India, which is its second-largest market in terms of users, the micro-blogging platform put on a solid demonstration of values. Twitter blocked the fake Koo account and put an end to the saga at once. Well done, Twitter!

Incidentally, Twitter's resistance to blocking certain accounts upon the Indian government's request is what got the platform into trouble. From getting served by the government to having a face-to-face meeting with IT Secretary, only to be shown that Twitter must oblige with the government's request wherever necessary.