TVS Ntorq SXR made debut at 4th round of INRC 2018 in Nashik on 25th MayTVS
  • TVS Ntorq SXR is the successor to SXR 160
  • 125 mill produces 20bhp in the Ntorq SXR
  • The rally scooter can go past the 120kmph mark

TVS Motor Company has a rich history in motorsports. The Chennai based automaker runs a factory team in leading two-wheeler racing and rallying series in India. The company is now also participating in Dakar Rally which is touted as the world's toughest rally.

Compiling all the know-how in the racing world, TVS launched a sporty 125cc scooter christened Ntorq 125 in February. The two-wheeler manufacturer now revealed Ntorq SXR, a rally-tuned version of the Ntorq 125.

The Ntorq SXR made its debut at the fourth round of Indian National Rally Championship 2018 held in Nashik on 25th and 26th May.

TVS Ntorq 125
Regular TVS Ntorq 125 comes with a rated top speed 95kmph.IBT Media/ Jagadish Singh

Check out the top things you need to know about the TVS Ntorq SXR

1. TVS Ntorq SXR is powered by the same 125cc engine that also powers the Ntorq 125. The engine develops 9.3 bhp in the Ntorq while it belts out an impressive 20bhp in the Ntorq SXR.

2. At top speed, the Ntorq SXR is capable of crossing 120kmph.

3. TVS engineers have added race-spec intake and exhaust systems, as well as optimized ignition system of the Ntoq SXR to make it rally-ready. It runs on 12-inch knobby tyres along with a race-tuned suspension.

4. Though visually similar to Ntorq 125, the Ntorq SXR gets race-inspired livery.

5. It will not be offered for private buy as it is purposefully made for rallying.

Talking about the debut, here is what B Selvaraj, Team Manager of TVS Racing, had to say:

The TVS SXR 160 has always been a formidable machine in the scooter racing arena. With the debut of TVS Ntorq SXR, we are confident to take the performance up by several notches. We have tested the scooter for performance and reliability and I am confident that it will set new benchmarks in the scooter class. The TVS Racing Scooter team holds a strong winning record and the TVS Ntorq SXR will build on this success story.