The crypto space has seen a surge in popularity over the last year. This has led to a rise in demand for trading platforms. One of these is TurboXBT.

The trading platform offers a simple interface and up to 90% profits on a single trade. In addition, they offer 24/7 customer support. If you want to try out their services, read our full review below to know it's worth checking out.

TurboXBT Pros and Cons


  •  No Commissions
  •  High-profit potentials
  •  Free Demo Account
  •  One platform to trade multiple assets
  •  User-friendly interface


  •  No long-term trading
  •  Not available in Canada, Japan, Russia, the U.S., and some other jurisdictions
  •  Requires upfront payment before trading

TurboXBT: Key Features

Let's take a look at what makes TurboXBT unique.

TurboXBT allows you to trade smart contracts. This means that you can pick an asset, put an amount, choose a suitable time frame, and whether the price will go up or down once the contract ends. If you predict correctly, you profit; if not, you lose your stake.

Other features worth mentioning include

Zero fees: You don't get charged any fees on deposits, withdrawals or trading - which is quite rare in the cryptocurrency industry. The only fees available are those charged by the blockchain you use.
Demo account: You get a demo account prefunded with $1,000 to test the platform and master a trading strategy.

Easy to use: It has an intuitive interface that carries a minimalistic look, making it easy for beginners to find their way around effortlessly.

Privacy-centric: When it comes to KYC, the platform doesn't require you to do anything at all—you don't even have to do it, because all services are available to everyone.

Goes beyond crypto: The platform offers different trading assets:

  •  2 Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, Ethereum

  •  8 Forex currencies
  •  4 Commodities

Brent, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver

  •  3 Indices

Nasdaq, S&P500, GER30.

Top Reasons to Trade on TurboXBT

Here are the main benefits of using TurboXBT:

Welcome bonus on deposits

TurboXBT also rolled out a new bonus program to reward its users. Anytime you deposit funds into your account, you get extra rewards. New and existing users can activate this bonus using the alpha-numeric promo code displayed on their dashboard and following the prompt. Once completed, they can start enjoying the bonuses after every deposit. That's more money to make profits.

Short contracts duration

Contracts duration on TurboXBT ranges from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. These time intervals ensure that you can trade at your own pace without having to worry about getting out before the market closes. This feature makes it easy to trade when you have limited time available.

No hidden fees or commission

Unlike many other brokers, there are no hidden charges or commissions on TurboXBT. All profits are paid in full once the contract expires. There are no additional costs involved and no minimum deposit required.

Up to 90% trading profits

You can expect to earn up to 90% profit per trade. This means that if you trade $100, you could potentially make $90 in profit. It also provides flexible trade entry points, so you don't have to wait until the market opens to begin trading.

Why TurboXBT Might Not be For You

There are some downsides to using TurboXBT:

A limited number of cryptocurrencies

At present, TurboXBT only supports four major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), and Tether (USDT). However, the company plans to add support for more currencies in the future.

High Risk

As with anything cryptocurrencies, trading on TurboXBT also comes with risks. Since you're trading a highly volatile market, there is a chance that you might make unprofitable trades. To avoid this, only invest with money you would be willing to lose.

TurbXBT Final Verdict

TurboXBT's sole promise is a trading platform for short-term contracts, which it fulfills admirably. The platform is privacy-focused, with no mandatory KYC, strong security features, and a powerful engine that can handle a large number of trades at once. Even though there are only a limited number of assets that can be deposited or withdrawn, many people find this advantageous because it removes the uncertainty they would otherwise experience.