Why do political rallies happen before an election? So the campaigners can sway the voters right? If that's the case, then Trump was better off not holding the Omaha rally. Which has made it to news not for the turnout but for how it eventually turned out.

While thousands of supporters did show up on Tuesday night at Omaha's Eppley Airfield, but by the time President Trump finished speaking to them and the rally ended around 9 p.m, it was almost freezing point.

Donald Trump rally

It was time to queue up for shuttle buses that would take the attendees to distant parking lots but buses couldn't navigate the jammed airport roads. Huge crowds of attendees were stranded, in the cold, on a dark Tuesday night.

The fact that immediately after finishing, Donald Trump himself jetted away on Air Force One didn't exactly work in his favour. On social media especially. Making several to remark, retweet and question as to how much The President actually cared about any of his stranded supporters.

Donald Trump

With several of them being elderly Trump supporters, thirty people needed medical intervention over the course of the rally, as per the statement by Omaha police department. While seven were actually taken to hospitals, reportedly, with a variety of medical conditions.

Joe Biden tells Donald Trump to grow up

No pause on playing politics

Team President was soon on a damage control mode, with Samatha Zager, National Press Secretary for Trump, putting it all down on the road closures and saying that President loves his supporters and tens of thousands of people showed up for the rally and how because of the sheer size of the crowd 40 shuttle buses were deployed instead of the usual 15. On Wednesday, Joe Biden commented on the incident, comparing it to, 'Trump's whole approach.' He said, "It's an image that captures President Trump's whole approach in this crisis, he makes a lot of big pronouncements but they don't hold up."

Does President actually even care about his supporters?

Questioned social media in unison, although some were plain sarcastic about their query, others were dead serious. One of the woman stranded at MAGA rally in Omaha says, "Trump wanted to teach them a lesson."

While author Dan Rather didn't tone down his reaction a wee bit in the post, "He sees them as props. When a metaphor becomes a reality." Further adding, "By my definition, pro life would include making sure elderly rally goers have a bus to take them home from the cold, not to mention not surrendering them to the pandemic."

Anyway, how many supporters were actually there

As the buck is busy being passed around, in the meanwhile, a discrepancy over the actual number of attendees at the rally broke out. While claims from The President's side put the numbers anywhere between 25K to 29K, a magazine reported the crowd as close to 6000 people.