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Man boobs or gynecomastia affect almost half of men, according to research published in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. However, very little is known as to why it happens. It's not always because of a poor diet or lack of exercise.

The research mentioned that it can also be because of hormonal imbalance in the body. For both men and women, the breast tissue feeds off oestrogen, just that in case of women, the levels of oestrogen is higher. Men have more androgen hormones such as testosterone. The male boob or moob develops when the oestrogen and androgen ratio goes out of balance.

So, if you are troubled with unwanted moobs, despite eating right and exercising regularly, then you may have to keep a check on what you're drinking.

Taking too much of India pale ales (IPAs) might be responsible for moobs as IPA beers contain phytoestrogens that behaves very similar to oestrogen hormones,  Independent reported.

These plant-based phytoestrogens are so similar to the female hormone that it sometimes is prescribed to women during menopause. It helps in combating vaginal dryness and hot flushes.

When men take in too much of this phytoestrogens containing beer, it can have undesired results. They also contribute to man boobs that are also known as 'brewer's droop.' It can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

"After long-term exposure to the estrogenic properties of hops, men eventually have difficulty sustaining erection," herbalist Stephan Harrod Buhner warned in his 1998 book Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers.