This year Diwali is much quieter than in previous years, owing to the ongoing pandemic. However, nothing can dampen the spirit of the festival and rituals surrounding Deepavali. Known as the festival of lights, like every year this year too celebrities are sending warm wishes and spreading love and light across social media platforms.

Here's one celeb who has entertained us with her acting prowess in Netflix's Bulbbul, Trito Dimri. The actress rose is spending a cosy Diwali with her family. 

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Tripti Dimri spoke about celebrating Diwali amidst the pandemic, fondest memory attached with the festival and delicacies she loves to binge on.

Excerpts from the interview

Tripti Dimri Diwali
IBT exclusive

How are you celebrating Diwali this year?

Like every year too, this year also I will be with my family, my mom, dad, close friends, sibling. I will wear good clothes, decorate the house. Earlier we used to bring sweets from the market this year we have decided to make sweets at home. My mom loves making sweets at home, and I love eating them. The plan is not to burst crackers, and we are going to play cards.

Any Diwali ritual that you follow?

Wherever I am my family demands that I'm home during Diwali, they are like everybody has to be together during this particular festival.

Delicacies that you savour during Diwali

Yes, I cook, my mom loves making sweets, and I have learnt to cook few from her, I can make besan ka laddoos, nariyal ladoos. I am not very good at making ras malai, but I'm sure this year I will learn how to make it.

Soan Papdi

"My favourite sweet is soan papdi though I don't know how to make that."


"This year we will be making Gulab jamun, jalebi, moong daal ladoos and I can't wait to relish these saviours."


Fondest memory of Diwali

Diwali is my favourite festival, and my sister and I used to celebrate it together when she used to live with us. Now, as she is married, I miss decorating the house, making rangoli with her. We both used to spend a lot of time together gossiping, chit-chatting, and we would share so many secrets.

Tripti Dimri

Will you be making Rangoli this year?

Earlier there used to be rangoli competition at my building, and the next day we used to declare the winner, but we all decided not to keep it that way as everyone is artistic. Last year I made rangoli with loose colours but this year will make it with acrylic paint.

Tripti Dimri

Diwali Wish

This Diwali my only wish is I want everyone to be happy start looking at things in the right way. Eliminate negativity, as this year has been negative, and everyone is complaining about it. I wish from today, and people don't complain about this year. Happy Diwali to everyone and this year bring positivity.

Wishing all the readers of IBTimes a very happy and safe Diwali!!