Ashweenee Aher

"To travel is to live", goes the famous quote by author Hans Christian Anderson. One can never over-emphasise the importance of travelling. Those who travel frequently realize how beneficial it is to one's personal and professional growth. Model and actress Ashweenee Aher, who has been the face of several national and international brands and has represented India on many global platforms, cannot imagine a life without travelling.

Elaborating on the same, she says, "As soon as I stepped into the professional world and became financially independent, one of the first things I decided to do was travel extensively. Travelling has now become a habit for me. I strongly believe the best human beings are those who travel frequently. Travelling exposes you to different cultures and sensibilities and helps in shaping your worldview. As an actor who loves to travel, I can confidently say that travelling is essential for one's artistic growth."

After achieving success and fame as a model, she is now all set to make an important transition in her career. She will soon be making her acting debut with an untitled Disney+ Hotstar series that will be launched sometime this year. The show, about which not much is known yet, will feature Ashweenee playing a character with multiple layers to it.

Talking about how travelling has helped her as a professional, she says, "As an actor, one is expected to play a variety of characters. To know about different people and how they think, it is important to travel. When you meet such different kinds of people, you become more aware about the world and come up with different techniques to portray a certain character on the screen. Tomorrow, if I am asked to play a village girl in a film, I can do that effectively as I have interacted with women living in the villages during my trips."

Her debut show, which premiered on Disney Hotstar, boasts of an ensemble cast featuring several known names. Apart from the series, she has signed another major project and is in talks for a couple of other projects as well. Though this year has kept her extremely busy, she has made plans to travel to Switzerland in July.