A ground-breaking session was conducted by the Bengaluru City Commissioner, IPS officer Kamal Pant during the #ASKCPBLR interaction on Twitter. Kamal Pant, IPS opened the floor for discussions and answered queries of the citizens.

From bottle-neck traffic to chit fund scam, from being cheated on petrol bunks to other city-related issues, all the possible concerns were raised by Bengalureans to which the Kamal Pant, IPS replied with substantial information. 

Bengaluru CP

International Business Times, India brings you top grievances shared by Bengalureans during the #ASKCPBLR session which might be helpful for fellow citizens in the future: 

On chit fund scam

Grievance: I am the victim of Aishwarya Laxmi chit fund Pvt. Ltd. Founder of this organisation Anand Patel ran away or Scammed core of money, I lost 3.5lack. Other people who invested in the chit fund went to Jnanabharthi police station file complaint but not accepted. Plz help us

IPS Kamal Pant: A case has been taken up in this regard by Jnanabharathi Police station, which is under investigation. All such complaints would be investigated under the said case.

On online complaint system

Grievance: Why can't we have a complete online complaint or grievance system?. Even for small things, people have to run behind the police station. We can have better tracking of the case of its online. #AskCPBlr @KamalPantIPS

Bengaluru CP Kamal Pant: Regarding loss of items, the public is encouraged to use the hassle-free e-lost portal. In case of other inconveniences, please call@Namma100 or use Suraksha App, whereby Hoysala patrol vehicle will respond immediately.

Bengaluru's iconic landmark Vidhan Soudha and strong Mysore connection
Bengaluru's iconic landmark Vidhan Soudha and strong Mysore connectionWikimedia

On collection of traffic fines 

Grievance: When there is an order that, not to stop vehicles in the name of checking in between a stretch but can be checked at Traffic Signals still the cops stop the vehicles for checking. Are these cops Bigger than the person who passed/created this rule, sir?

Bengaluru CP Kamal Pant: Let me clarify, there is no order prescribing checking only at traffic signals. But I'd like to inform that@BlrCityPolice is encouraging contactless traffic enforcement through traffic cameras and digital FTVR as far as possible.

On tainted glasses

Grievance: When Will Traffic Police Officers stop taking bribes? What is % Visibility Of Sun Film(On Cars) Allowed in Bengaluru? Why Non-KA Registered Vehicles Targeted(Particularly TN)?

Bengaluru CP Kamal Pant: 50% visibility is a must for side glasses. If anyone demands a bribe, please communicate name/rank of the official, location and time of the incident by Whatsapp / SMS to 9480801000 or call 100.

On IND on number plates

Grievance: My neighbour told me that they were fined by Blr Traffic Police for not having "IND" in-vehicle number plate. Can you please confirm if it is needed here and what is the process/SOP for this?

Bengaluru CP Kamal Pant: IND is not mandatory, hence you won't be fined for that.

On being cheated on petrol bunks

Grievance: Many petrol bunks in the city cheat their customers by presetting the meter and underfilling the tank! When we ask them to fill to a bottle they totally refuse to do so( which clearly shows their plot) I request you to take this issue and help poor customers. #AskCPBlr. 

Bengaluru CP Kamal Pant: Thanks for flagging the issue. Please DM us the details of such petrol bunks.