All organizations are susceptible to threats. It's a harsh reality in the world in which we live – especially with the fact that most business is conducted online and, increasingly, with information stored in the cloud. As a result, companies need to be more cybersecurity-aware than ever and ensure that their defenses are up. Just one small data breach can cost an organization everything. Not to mention hackers are getting smarter every day, in some instances grouping and acting like sophisticated crime syndicates. Top cybersecurity firm ThreatModeler offers practical solutions for businesses in digitally trying times.

Founded in 2010 by Archie Agarwal, ThreatModeler offers an unparalleled service by taking a holistic approach to security. Agarwal saw an opportunity to provide organizations with a better solution, and after years of research, he launched ThreatModeler software in 2013. "After we developed a proof of concept, we reached out to the world's top cybersecurity experts for their feedback," says Agarwal. "It is our mission to develop a product that mapped out an organization's threats so that development teams can make proactive security decisions."

ThreatModeler is different because it uses a collaborative approach to threat modeling, using automated process flow diagramming. "Our clients get more than just a generated report," explains Agarwal. "They receive a full depiction of what is going on, what threats exist on the attack surface, and a complete view of the technological components involved, including communication protocol data flows." ThreatModeler goes deeper than the surface by mapping out an organization's entire IT ecosystem, identifying where and how they can manage risks.

ThreatModeler is the first of its kind. Through automated technology and precise Unified Modeling Language (UML), the software identifies threats, classifies them by risk level, and can specify predicted outcomes in the event of a successful attack. "Our clients can put measures in place to protect their assets before it's too late," explains Agarwal.

Now uniquely positioned to meet the demands of cybersecurity in the current market, ThreatModeler has big plans, particularly with the cloud. The company openly takes feedback from its clients to directly improve its platform and upgrade features. "Our clients know exactly what they need, and we are here to deliver it," says Agarwal.

ThreatModeler's automation is applied to multiple processes for increased efficiency. Customers can achieve system and application security in less time than with formerly manual processes. What once took security teams weeks can now be accomplished in hours with ThreatModeler – which is key, since cyberattacks show no signs of slowing down.