Chikkamagaluru bans outsiders

As cases continue to shoot up in Karnataka, districts are taking matters into their hands to limit the spread of coronavirus with drastic measures. On Monday, the Deputy Commissioner Bagadi Gautham issued an order in Chikkamagaluru that all outsiders from other countries, states and districts of Karnataka are hereby banned in the district. 

The order banning tourism in the district comes at a critical juncture for Karnataka's fight against COVID-19. Moreover, the order added that all tourism activity will also be shut down for the time being.

Chikkamagaluru says no to outsiders

Last week, the DC's office in Chikkamagaluru had issued an appeal requesting outsiders not visit Chikkamagaluru. In many small districts and tourism hotspots in Karnataka such as Chikkamagaluru and Kodagu, there has been protests from locals who fear that the outsiders might be bringing the virus to the smaller districts in the state. 

More concern was sparked when reports emerged of tourists moving about Chikkamagaluru without masks or maintaining social distancing. The Deputy Commissioner in his order issued on 6th July asserted that new developments had made them consider stringent measures. 

In Chikkamagaluru so far there have been 94 cases of COVID-19, with the gravity of the situation the order has stated that outsiders will not be allowed in the state. This was explicitly stated in a 4-point order that read:

  • People coming from other countries/states/districts are stopped immediately.
  • People from other countries/states/districts shouldn't be given a place to stay at hotels, resorts, homestays and other tourist homes until further notice.
  • The public in the district are to follow all COVID-19 control advisories, strictly. Those who follow the rules will be allowed to move freely in the district. 
  • All tourist places/entry points/centres should be shut not to allow any visitors to visit. 
DC of Chikkamagaluru's order

The order added that should anybody be found not adhering to the rules they will be booked under Section 188 of the IPC and Section 51 of the Disaster Management Act. Following the order, it will be important to observe whether cases in the district come down with these drastic measures.