Oppo R5
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In recent years, the Chinese smartphone makers have found a favourable hunting ground in the Indian market. To keep up with both Indian as well as other major smartphone makers from around the world, Chinese companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo have manged to remain in the news with its regular big releases.

And if you are a fan of most of these value-for-money Chinese handsets, you will be glad to see the newly-launched Oppo R5 Gilded Limited Edition smartphone. The Oppo R5 Gilded Limited Edition comes with a lavish gold frame and will be available in the market starting 20 February, at a price of Rs 29,990, until stocks last.

Reportedly, there are just 10,000 units of the smartphone available globally. However, the handset is indeed worth a second look. Its superbly crafted stylish gold frame adds a unique look to the smartphone and gives it quite the luxurious feel. If you are interested, the smartphone is available across India only via pre-booking.

The phone is not just about the looks and we are sure you have already come across reports detailing its specs. And, here's a look at the Top 5 features of Oppo R5 Gilded Limited Edition.

Hand-Polished Steel
The R5, according to the company, features a shatterproof industrial grade stainless steel micro-arc frame that is said to have undergone a great deal of work in terms of handcraftsmanship. That being said, the handset does look quite fantastic to use and hold. The Phone almost adds to your everyday fashion sense.

Super Clarity and Vibrancy
The Oppo R5 comes with a 5.2 inch AMOLED screen giving the handset a good ratio between highest brightness and color rendition, while also considering the lowest reflection ratio and highest ambient light contrast ratio available. The screen looks quite vibrant and, anyway, an AMOLED support with 1920 x 1080 resolution, backed by 423ppi can't go wrong.

Another One from the 'Ultra-Thin' Wagon
If not anything else, Chinese handset makers operating in India have often been commended for bringing in few of the slimmest and thinnest smartphones. And the Oppo R5 also enters the list with one of the thinnest full high-definition phones around. Measuring just 4.85mm in width, the R5 stands out from the crowd.

Less Backside Heating Issues
Oppo says it has equipped the R5 with a phase-shifting material that's made of metal, resin and other composite materials. So when heat is generated, the material begins to modify. The material is not only known for absorbing heat, it can also drastically improve thermal efficiency. In other words, you get to complain less about how your smartphone heats up easily.

Pure Image 2.0/Fast Focus
The Oppo R5 comes with a 13 MP rear camera. And with the latest PI 2.0 Plus Flash Shot technology on board, the R5 allows users to take the shot with an indiscernible focus time. The camera has a maximum focus time of 0.18 seconds and delivers 50MP high-definition picture clarity.