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It's high time to take good care of your heart when you reach your 50s. Both men and women belonging to this age group need to be more concerned about their diet and lifestyle.

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Here's a few tips for people in their 50s to stay in good shape:

  1. Make sure you exercise regularly and keep a check on the food intake. Limit the consumption of salt and down fibrous fruits and veggies in abundance to meet the nutrients need, says nutritionist Cassandra Barns.
  2. It's important to watch your weight in 50s. Drink green tea, avoid junk food and do exercises that don't put too much load on your joints. Immediately consult your doctor if you suffer from back or joint aches. Get your therapist's opinion before you take up a new exercise regimen, says Samira Shuruk, an ACE-certified personal trainer.
  3. People in their 50s should consume lutein-rich food like broccoli, spinach, kale, egg yolk, yellow-coloured vegetables such as squash and peppers. Lutein is a yellow coloured carotenoid and helps improve your eye sight.
  4. Eat coloured vegetables like green, orange and yellow for carotenoids to repair damaged skin and prevent ageing. 
  5. Anti-ageing supplement and collagen consumption will help you stay young.