Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow
A still from Edge of Tomorrow featuring Tom CruiseEdge of Tomorrow, Facebook

Though Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie are busy in New Zealand, shooting for the sixth instalment of Mission: Impossible. But that hasn't stopped McQuarrie from teasing the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow.

The MI6 director interacted with fans over the weekend when he posted a picture of the leading ladies of the upcoming action-thriller. It was during the interaction that he dropped some Edge of Tomorrow 2 spoilers.

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Having written the script of the Edge of Tomorrow sequel, the director-writer took time out from his off-day to discuss the movie through a #McQandA session.

As soon as the director announced the session, fans thronged on the social media platform and wanted more insight into Live. Die. Repeat. A curious fan went to ask about the ending of the first movie. The renowned Twitter user asked: "Any hints for Edge 2?"

To which the director quickly responded: "The end of Edge I will finally make complete sense." The director reserved more details. However, when he was asked by another user about the title, he chose to respond with minimal details again.

Fans of the movie will recall that at the end of the movie. Emily Blunt is killing while she is trying to help Cruise get some more time to destroy Omega. While he eventually does, he is also killed in the process however he absorbs Omega's blood triggering yet another reset through time. Audience questioned this ending it now looks like McQuarrie is all set to answer all the queries.

A user by the name of Ellen asked McQuarrie about the title as well. "Speaking of Edge-what's up with the title of the sequel/prequel?" Clarifying his stand on the title, McQuarrie replied: "I was not consulted." Though the movie is titled Edge of Tomorrow, makers felt that Live. Die. Repeat. connects better with fans and as a result, both were retained.

It was previously confirmed that Edge of Tomorrow will conclude as a two-part series. Doug Liman will return to the helm as the director.