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Tom Cruise has been busy promoting his upcoming film The Mummy. The actor recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and discussed the Universal release.

Cruise reiterated Top Gun 2 is in the works and spilled the beans on the person who inspired the actor to go ahead with the sequel.

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Jimmy Fallon played host to the Mission: Impossible actor and recalled the last time he was on the show. It was during this discussion Fallon revealed Top Gun 2 is happening only because of him. In a tongue-in-the-cheek moment, the actor agreed to Fallon's claim and said Tom Cruise's lip sync battle with Fallon inspired Top Gun: Maverick.

Talking about the fun things the actor did with the TV show host, Fallon reminded the actor that he challenged Cruise into a lip sync battle. The challenge saw both men pitted against each other and resulted in Cruise destroying the host. Reminiscing the battle, Fallon said, "At the end, I did a little switch and a flip mode and I kinda made you lip sync with me."

It was then Fallon informed viewers, "I sang "You lost that loving feeling" (from the Top Gun album) and had to serenade a woman in the audience," Cruise added, "and her husband was not happy," the two laughed. (Video available below)

Tom Cruise Jimmy Fallom
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"But I think what happened there," Fallon added, "something clicked in your head and you go wow, Jimmy, this is an idea, this is something that has to happen, I have to make a sequel to Top Gun." Assuring he was right, in an obvious tongue-in-the-cheek moment, Cruise added, "Jimmy, it starts there. You hit the fire and I kicked the tires."

Confirming the Top Gun 2 title, Top Gun: Maverick, Cruise shared his excitement with Fallon. "It's happening. I know I'm freaking out too. We finally figured out the story and it's really exciting. It's far down the line, there's no turning back at this point. I can't wait, I can't wait," the enthusiastic star said.

Cruise will be working with the original film's producer Jerry Bruckheimer, 73, once again for the project. "It is far down the line and there is no turning back at this point. The jets, the planes, the flying, it's going to be crazy!" The actor spoke about The Mummy and participated in Kid Theatre on the show.

Tom Cruise talks about Top Gun: Maverick

Cruise's The Mummy releases this Friday, June 9. He will then be seen in American Made directed by Doug Liman.

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