India Police

(IANS) Tamil Nadu Police are investigating the source and destination of the methamphetamine seized along the coastline of Mamallapuram and Cuddalore districts, an official said on Monday.

"Something really is fishy as the packets labelled as tea with Chinese letters were found floating along the shores," a Cuddalore police official told IANS.

The Cuddalore police have registered a case on Sunday after it seized four packets containing some white granular substance.

"We will be sending the material for analysis. But it seems some sort of narcotic drug as similar packets were seized along the Mamallapuram coast a couple of days back," the official said.

Last Friday, the police seized a big drum with some boxes containing packets labelled as tea with Chinese letters on the shorelines near Mamallapuram.

It later turned out to be methamphetamine in crystal form, packed like tea packs and also branded as tea.

According to police, each one of the 78 seized packets weighed one kg. The value of the seized material will run into several crore of rupees.