World Beard Day
World Beard DayReuters

The first Saturday of September is celebrated as the World Beard Day when bearded family members are asked to relax, and stay away from work and chores for the day. Beard can be considered as the most precious asset that men possess and they need to maintain it well. Shaving the beard on this day is considered to be disrespectful. So, here are a few ways through which men can keep their beard more hygienic and well groomed.

A study was conducted in April 2015 by John Golobic, a microbiologist from American clinical laboratory Quest Diagnostics. He swabbed beards of several men and found that they had germs in their beard which was normal, but some of them had as many germs as found on a toilet seat.

On the basis of the research, a few revelations were made by Golobic. He claimed that some beards contained types of things found in fecal matter. Though all the bacteria weren't disease-causing, Golobic was still concerned. He advised men to scrub their beard thoroughly and wash their hands very often. He even asked men to keep their hands away from their face as much as possible.

Beard can become bacteria breeding spot if not washed regularly. Dirt can easily get accumulated in beard, especially if it is too thick. Hence washing it properly in every couple of days will help in maintaining cleanliness and keeping the microbes away.

Various beard grooming products are also available in the market which can help men in maintaining their beard. Once the face and beard are washed properly, dry the beard with the help of a towel and apply beard oil. This will help in preventing dryness and itchiness, and provide moisture to the skin and beard.

Make sure that the beard is properly cleaned as it can lead to facial infections and even cause sickness as the micro-organisms present in the beard can easily enter the body through mouth. Apart from that beard should be trimmed in every few weeks, this would ensure its healthy growth. Trimming also aids the beard in growing evenly and increases cleanliness by lessening the population of germs in comparison to thick and untrimmed beard.