The momentum behind this 12 track project is riveting. A lot of hardships and triumph will give the listeners a soundtrack of harmony, you'll be in for an awakening for this 5th project in due time September 2nd you will be converted to a supporter of Timpmo.

Being an independent artist, you likely go through many stages. Most likely, you will go through many of your stages alone. there may be times when you wish you had some guidance. At times, you may feel unsure of what to do. Perhaps even at times, you may doubt your career choices. No matter how tough things get for you as an indie artist, never doubt yourself.

There will be ups and downs to being a music artist or pursuing a career in music. Even if you search "how to start a career in the music industry" or look at a guitar pedal forum or something similar, you'll encounter a difficult period. but do not let this discourage you. you will succeed. you're simply experiencing what most artists go through at some point or another.

Typically known as timpmo, Timothy D'evon Daniels excels in the field of endurance. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, he is an American rapper and singer. early in his career, he was forced to navigate the difficult times. emerging artists faced a variety of challenges. In spite of them, he remained committed.

A music lover from an early age, the artist felt compelled to make his mark on the industry through his work. He admired and followed popular artists of the era very early on. Soon after, he produced his own tracks. The bad luck that he encountered prevented him from seeing the positive side of things.

What's most notable about him, however, is that he never gave up and he polished his skills to the hilt in order to make the most of his abilities.

You will be surprised to know timpmo is Releasing a new documentary called (Relentless), which is a warm up for his next album, which will be released on the 4th of july.

In the album, he talks about facing adversity as a child, striving for excellence, strategizing his goals, and defining himself as a black man in this cruel and meticulous entertainment industry.

With some of the up-and-coming producers a thxfortheslapali, casey produced, trizzy, dillygotitbumpin, 808viciousbeats, optivision, trapteambeats, sbp rickkomero, iam10faces, 1selfdeep, kbndaproducer, sbp. prod and ay29areyoumad. his goal is to have this album chart on the billboard.

Built2last, the label he founded in 2014, has partnered with man a&rs and djs, which has made him successful in the music industry and in this project.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timpmo/